Must See Truck Stops That Are Worth Putting On Some Miles

Must See Truck Stops That Are Worth Putting On Some Miles

Must See Truck Stops That Are Worth Putting On Some Miles

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Must See Truck Stops That Are Worth Putting On Some Miles

If there’s one thing long-haul truckers know well, it’s truck stops. They’re a must-have in your line of work – literally your home away from home. But there’s no reason to get stuck in a rut, even if you do have your favorites. Besides, as you may have already seen first-hand, today’s truck stops are a far cry from the old-style “fuel, coffee and a greasy spoon” way-stations.

Truck stop owners are really going to town to attract drivers like you. In fact, some of their new facilities are rather like small towns – filled with a wide variety of previously unheard-of amenities from gourmet food and upscale shopping to entertainment options. In many places, you can expect to find:

  • Barber shops/salons that cater to women as well as men (after all, “girls” just wanna look good behind the wheel, too)
  • Nurses, doctors, dentists, and clinics
  • Custom printing shops
  • Wi-Fi
  • Day spa services such as massage
  • Hot tubs
  • Stores that offer everything to convenience items to clothing
  • Food that would make any chef proud (and healthier options, too)
  • Pet-specific products and services

Of course, let’s not forget the truck in truck stops. As much as these facilities work to cater to drivers, they know trucking is your business. So you can count on finding the right fuel, sundries, accessories, plus maintenance and repair services to keep your rig rolling smoothly and looking snappy on the road.

Standouts among the outstanding

Across the country, there are a few truck stops that have gained reputations beyond the new norm. You really check them out, as your travels allow, even if you have to rack up a few extra miles to see them. From all accounts, your visit will be worth the extra time and expense. From west to east:

  • Jubitz Truck Stop, Portland, OR. You can see the barber, visit the outpatient health clinic or chiropractor, get your shoes and boots repaired, take in a movie or hit the arcade for some game time. Jubitz is well-known for the scrumptious home-style food served up at their grill, and afterward you’re likely to find live country music.
  • Clearwater Travel Plaza, Clearwater, MN. Who could pass up baked goods so good they’ve been made famous by the Food Network? Once you’ve stuffed yourself (and scored a go-bag with a few extra goodies), you can finish your shopping in their general store.
  • Iowa 80 Truckstop, Walcott, IA. With a self-proclaimed reputation as “The World’s Largest Truck Stop,” this place almost requires a map. There’s a food court as well as a restaurant, a trucking museum and cinema for entertainment, a dentist and chiropractor to maintain your health, and facilities to wash both your truck and your pooch.
  • South of the Border, Dillon, SC. You’ll want to meet up with your family for a little R&R here. You can camp or stay in the motel, hit the specialty shops or one of their six restaurants, then check out the amusement park. It includes the traditional bumper cars and Ferris wheel, but don’t miss the Reptile Lagoon complete with crocodiles.

Previous generations probably never dreamed truck stops could be so luxurious. So it’s no wonder modern-day truckers are planning their routes to ensure an overnight visit. Just be careful – the locals are flocking to these truck stops, too, and you may even have to dodge some tourists.




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