New Freightliner Options Augment Severe Duty Line

New Freightliner Options Augment Severe Duty Line

New Freightliner Options Augment Severe Duty Line

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One reason Freightliner Trucks has retained its superior reputation for decades is the company’s dedication to continuous improvement. Big changes and small, created by innovative design engineers, often in conjunction with real Freightliner customers. It’s no wonder the improvements always make so much sense.

Now, Freightliner has introduced not one but six new options designed to boost functionality, safety and bottom-line benefits of its Severe Duty line of trucks. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Allison 4700 RDS Automatic Transmission

What heavy vocational operator wouldn’t appreciate better start-ability? The Allison 4700 RDS automatic transmission does just that. It also offers greater PTO choices, and it has two reverse gears. This option is now available on the Freightliner 114SD and the Freightliner 122SD.

  1. LifeGuard RollTek Seats

Of course you never expect the worst to happen, but should your truck roll over, you’ll be glad you chose the LifeGuard RollTek option. When the vehicle senses a roll-over, the seat belt will automatically tighten and the side-impact airbags will automatically inflate. To further protect the driver, the air-suspension seats will automatically compress to the lowest position.

  1. Streamlined Routing and Clipping

This change affects Freightliner’s entire vocational product line, not only their Severe Duty Trucks. To improve long-term durability (and for tidier installation) there are new standoff brackets and the chassis electrical and plumbing harnesses have been routed more efficiently. Everything is simpler and more consistent, and that aids both inspection and service.

  1. LED Headlights for M2 Trucks

Now you can spec Freightliner’s M2 106 and M2 112 trucks with modular LED headlights. LEDs can vastly improve nighttime visibility, boosting driver and load safety. LEDs also lower maintenance costs.

  1. Bendix Tire Pressure Monitoring System

This is another new option that is available on Severe Duty Trucks and also all other models across Freightliner’s vocational line. The Bendix Tire Pressure Monitoring System can help reduce tire wear and fuel consumption while boosting overall truck performance.

  1. 122SD Auto Hauler Package

Up till now, it’s been a challenge for operators who haul cars but need a sleeper berth. Not anymore. In their ongoing quest to offer more customer-requested options, Freightliner has partnered with Fontaine Modification to design a low profile auto hauler package that lowers the loaded roof height to about 100”. You can now spec this option for the Freightliner 122SD.

The bottom line

Each of these six new Severe Duty options offer direct and indirect benefits – with added efficiencies, a safer over-the-road experience, streamlined maintenance and actual cost savings. As we noted above, it’s just like Freightliner to present first-time customers and long-standing loyalists with ever more equipment and operations options designed to boost your work day as well as your profitability.


New Freightliner Options Augment Severe Duty Line

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