Western Star and Freightliner Just Keep Improving

Western Star and Freightliner Just Keep Improving

Western Star and Freightliner Just Keep Improving

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Just because your brand is known to be the crowning glory of heavy duty trucks doesn’t mean you can’t improve. And no one has ever accused Western Star of resting on its laurels. So it’s no surprise that the 5-star truck OEM continues to add yet more performance-boosting options. If you considering a new truck, you may want to consider including some of these features.


Michelin X Multi D Tires can now be spec’d as a factory-installed option for Western Star models 4700, 4800, 4900 and 5700XE. These tires are designed to deliver best-in-class mileage performance. They’re made of a co-extruded compounding rubber that ensures maximum tread life and resists scrubbing without loss of traction. The Michelin X Multi D is a great choice for regional applications such as food & beverage, pick up & delivery, dry van LTL, tankers, construction, and energy.


The Western Star 4700 is now available with factory-direct H4 halogen headlight bulbs. Halogen bulbs are brighter than standard incandescent bulbs, so visibility is better. H4 bulbs are offer time and cost efficiencies – because they are easy to obtain and install, drivers can deal with replacement without undue down time.

For Western Star 4800 and 4900 models, factory-installed LED headlights are now available. This option is an excellent choice if drivers do a lot of after-dark driving or have to navigate in fog because LEDs produce bright, penetrating light. Another visibility pus — LED headlights do not blind other drivers. On the cost side, LEDs draw less power from the truck and they’re low-maintenance, so they can help save both energy and money long term.


Western Star 5700XE day cab models now come with a bigger in-cab battery box that holds up to four batteries. The box is located under the passenger seat rather than on the side of the chassis, which protects the batteries from harsh weather as well as chassis vibrations and road spray.

Shortened wheel base

Another option for the Western Star 5700XE is a shorter wheelbase, which reduces both weight and wall-to-wall turning radius. The shorter wheelbase tractor offers better fuel economy, too.

Freightliner Adds Options for Popular Cascadia

In addition to expanded options for its top-of-the-line Western Star line of heavy-duty trucks, Freightliner has made additions to its popular Cascadia line as well. The latest incarnation of the Cascadia, launched last year, has been so popular that initial orders surpassed the 25,000 mark. Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) reports it took three years for the original Cascadia to total that many orders.

So what’s new?

• LED lighting is now available throughout the interior as well as for the truck’s exterior.
• There dashboard and display screen are more ergonomic and feature integrated Detroit Connect and Detroit Assurance 4.0 technology.
• Sleeker design delivers greater fuel economy compared to previous models.
• The 72-inch mid-roof XT Cascadia now has an optional Driver Loft that includes a two-seat dinette/work table and opposing seating. The driver can fold the seats down to swing the Murphy-style bed into place.
• In partnership with Hendrickson, Freightliner Trucks now offers the Cascadia with an OPTIMAAX 6×2 liftable forward tandem axle. This axle is compatible with either drum or air disc brakes, and it is stronger than other axles because it is fully welded instead of bolted. Compared to a 6×4, the 6×2 option carves off 400 pounds. The automated controls sense load capacity and adjust axle height as needed manual input. Raising the axle improves traction and helps reduce fuel consumption.

Faster telematics

Cascadia owners can now take advantage of Detroit Connect Remote Updates to boost over-the-air functionality. Key benefits include parameter programming capability and flexibility to build tailored profiles using the Detroit Connect portal. Updates can be used for a single truck, a group of trucks, or an entire fleet. The Remote Updates features are now included as part of the standard-option Detroit Connect package on new Cascadia trucks.

But wait . . . there’s more

Freightliner’s severe duty lineup just got even tougher, with new six new options:
• Allison 4700 Rugged Duty Series (RDS) automatic transmission for the 114SD and 122SD
• LifeGuard RollTek seats
• Upgraded routing and clipping
• LED headlights for the M2 106 and M2 112
• Bendix tire pressure monitoring
• A low-profile 122SD auto hauler package that brings the laden roof height down to about 100 inches.


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